About Us

Officially founded in 2011, Sole-Unlimited first began when a couple of friends who shared a passion for the shoe and fashion scene got together to turn their hobby into a business. Our east-coast-based company sprang from humble beginnings; we got our start by selling sneakers out of a basement.

We’ve expanded since then, but have maintained our commitment to aggressive pricing and personal customer service. We ship worldwide and offer free shipping on all domestic orders.

Sole-Unlimited is proud to offer the most exclusive, hard-to-find, and sought-after shoes, clothing, and accessories from all of your favorite brands. We also stock a wide variety of pre-owned shoes, so you can have a second chance at that long-lost grail of yesteryear.  Whether you’re looking for a great deal on running shoes or the hottest new release, there’s sure to be something for you in our collection.