Online Sneaker Market Evolution

Over the years the online sneaker market has changed dramatically. When we first got in to buying sneakers in the late 90's there was no real resale market. We would buy mostly Nike and Jordan's to rock and maybe some Adidas and Puma here and there. If you wanted to find kicks that were no longer in stores there weren't too many options. Through the years Niketalk, ISS and Ebay paved the way for the start of a real resale market. These platforms were awesome to talk to other heads about shoes along with buy,sell,trade. Then people started listing shoes on Ebay which gave the whole world a chance to find OG's and rare shoes they had been looking for. At one point Ebay was the go to marketplace to find every shoe you could possibly imagine. But there were a few downfalls as sellers would misrepresent kicks and the counterfeit market started catching on. So here we are today and Niketalk still active along with Ebay but those are not peoples first choices. Today people head straight to Stock X and GOAT to see what the current market value of any and all shoes are. They have created a stock market for sneakers and collectibles and took away the days of hunting for grails. The online sneaker market has evolved into a multi Billion dollar empire. This market will continue to grow and change along the way. One thing we know is the resale of shoes is not going anywhere and is here to stay. We forgot to mention all the Dunk Echange shows we attended before sneakercon was around. That will be another topic of conversation. Hope you enjoy our Blog.